2008 Suzuki Bandit 1250

Introducing the 2008 Suzuki Bandit 1250S. Combining heavyweight power with distinctive appearance and quality of an entirely different, technologically upgraded liquid cooled engine and an advanced digital gas injection system, the Bandit 1250 will receive the combination of power, style and technology of a team of dedicated Suzuki engineers to co – work for a street machine of unmatched character.The Suzuki Bandit became a favorite of a wide range of riders worldwide by delivering an unmatched package of power and speed, style and value. It is a sophisticated demonstration of Total Balance, with Complete character, or in other words, the new Bandit 1250.

A very important on a naked bike is how the engine makes its entry by the way it looks. Suzuki led to great design for the trained eye the powerful 1250 cc engine which is positioned between rough appearance and modern look. Type strange, I know, but this is how the entire motorcycle was from the same beginning, because it was huge and full of muscles while still a half fairing with.

Today, the Suzuki Bandit 1250S presents itself as the menacing looking machine that has a flexible half fairing, with built-in line-beam headlights, an effective windscreen and fairing mounted mirrors.
The Bandit 1250 presents with a superior liquid-cooled 1250 cc engine, powered by Suzuki s throttle several high-tech fuel-injection setup. Combination treatment with an awesome engine makes a pleasure to ride both for highway cruising and everyday driving on the city.

The amount of power and the TC of the powerful engine can be supplied with a meatier punch, combined with the seamless gas injection gives the driver a real sense of smooth, high power, which positions it at the top of any list, it fits. There is a huge increase in thrust, a moment, and very useful and strong low-down delivery, which means that the bike is like no other right from the start. Even with the highest torque at 3500 rpm is, this is a rather unique tuned motorcycle. Throttle response is linear and doesn t just shoot and flat spots so it is very smooth, even from idle. EFI makes the engine very manageable if you can stand below 2000rpm in sixth and power away with no sniff at all.

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