2009 Suzuki Bandit 1250S ABS

On its basis, the 2009 Bandit, although ABS-equipped or not the same impressive sports touring motorcycle competition held by the 1255cc DOHC liquid-cooled engine is fuel injected, has enormous power and torque. The 79.0mm bore and 64.0mm stroke result in a 10.5:1 compression ratio and, through a 36mm throttle bodies, the Suzuki Throttle Valve fuel injection multiple ads and the SPD to power and increases your chances of a Speeding Ticket.

Yet the reliability of the Suzuki Bandit had something worth bragging about so keep the cylinders are now covered with an s Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material. Even in 2009 the secondary balance shaft addition, the fold is the engine which runs well balanced source of excitement. The Bandit engine makes an unbeatable team in the six EPD gearbox, close to 39 mpg for city driving (we count things a lot better on the highway).

Also on the same road, the 2009 Suzuki Bandit is quite a choice if it is comfortable and fast and very stable. With a curb weight of 551 pounds of you, there are few opportunities to be hindered by other traffic participant s air tunnel. With 20mm height adjustable seat and LCD digital speedometer, fuel gauge and clock, make sure you are not to be confused with a Tourer before actually buying.
Suzuki introduces the 2009 1250S and 1250S ABS models with few but notable upgrades, while at first glance nothing seems to differ on the motorcycles. A full tank would not get to the good so designers had to have much work to do this year, at least for Bandits.The motorcycle market had first seen the GSF 1200 Bandit in 1995 as a naked motorcycle weighing a respectable 458 lbs. Built for long, relaxing rides, the first Bandit featured an air-and oil-cooled 1156 cc four-cylinder DOHC 16-valve engine produces 98 hp at 8500 rpm and 96.1 Nm in four, 000 rpm.

Only one years later, TQ had fallen to 90.7 Nm at 4,500 rpm, but, importantly, the Bandit was a half fairing with screen, suddenly turning into a sport-tourer and implementation in two different ways.

1997 model year saw the introduction of the Bandit GSF1200SA which featured front and rear ABS. But that was like an introduction to the modern Bandit ABS and did not further created.

For the next three years, the engine was retuned for less TQ (83.6 Nm at four, 500 rpm) in expectation of the all-new 2001 Suzuki GSF 1200 Bandit GSF 1200 S Bandit and. Power was still the same, but the engine last longer TQ (91.7 Nm at 6,500 rpm). Apart from the revised engine, frame, fork and brakes (calipers are six instead of four) were also different as the headlight fairing and half of the streamlined model.

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