2008 Bandit 1250S

The Suzuki Bandit has become a favorite of many riders in the world by offering a package unmatched performance, style and value. Now the Bandit is even

better Introducing the 2008 Suzuki Bandit 1250S. Combining heavyweight power with distinctive style and quality of a brand-new, technologically advanced

liquid-cooled engine and an advanced digital fuel injection system. The Bandit 1250 the balance of power, style and technology is a combination developed by

a team of Suzuki engineers, working together to produce a street machine of unparalleled quality. It is a demonstration of Total Balance refined, with the

full quality, or in other words, the new Bandit 1250. You call a motorcycle like no other.

Characteristics engine
At cooling liquid fuel injection, DOHC engine with a bore and racing 79.0mm x 64.0mm for a 1255cc of production performance torque
Suzuki double butterfly fuel injection system with 36mm throttle bodies for optimum performance and smooth accelerations
Compact engine design with a central cam chain, staggered shafts, tighter spacing between pairs of cylinders and a balancer secondary shaft to reduce

A catalyst equipped with high-volume silent combined with an effective engine management system, Suzuki PAIR system, and oxygen to reduce emissions standards

difficult meeting Euro 3
Suzuki slowed Control (ISC) for improving cold start, idle control and emission reduction
A slick spend six speed transmission improves acceleration while reducing gear rpm at highway speeds
Hydraulic clutch with coil springs lever to improve the feel and control
Cooling liquid oil cooler to reduce oil temperature
Culasse with exhaust valves 31mm and 27mm intake valves set at a narrow 16 degree angle valves
Tube frame chassis with larger diameter tubes to optimize the torsional rigidity designed for excellent balance sports handling and comfortable highway

Innovative seat system for adjusting the height can be adjusted up or down by 20 mm with a simple seat spacer mounting system.
43mm front fork with a combined single rear shock with preload adjustment for riding with or without passengers
310mm dual front disc brakes with four-piston calipers with a 240mm rear disc and single piston caliper. From anti-lock braking (ABS) is also available and

monitors wheel speed and matches braking power to available traction.
Cast three spoke aluminum wheels carrying radial tires and an easy to use centerstand
The Bandit 1250S has an elegant half fairing, with a line of headlamps, a windshield and mirrors mounted fairing
Wide, comfortable seat at a low height seat
High capacity of fuel tanks for extended range operation
Easy to use centerstand with high leverage compared to reduce the effort

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