History of the Suzuki Bandit Motorcycle pt. 1

The Suzuki Bandit is a series of standard (sometimes called “sport-standard”) street motorcycles produced by Suzuki.

The result, various models of bicycles were produced:

* GSF250 with 250cc
* GSF400 with 400cc
* GSF600N/GSF600S with 599cc (produced 1995-2004)
* GSF650N/GSF650S with 656cc (2005-manufactured)
* GSF750 with 748cc (produced 1996-1999)
* GSF1200/GSF1200S with 1157cc engine (1996-manufactured).
* GSF1250/GSF1250 ABS with a 1255cc engine (2007-manufactured).

All engines are in line DOHC four with 16 valves. 600, 650, 750 and 1200 models employ BAGS (Suzuki Advanced Cooling System) which is combined cooling air

cooled and oil-cooled, 600cc model engine is taken from the GSX-600 and F taken over mid – range. The 1200cc engine models on the other hand, is an annoyance

to 1100 GSXR question. The 250 and 400cc models are cooled by water.

For the 2007 model year, Suzuki has abandoned the venerable early GSX-R-derived engine for the new fuel injection, liquid-cooled engines. Both 650 and 1250

models meet Euro-3 emission standards.

The “S” models come with a factory half-fairing, and from model year 2000, double headlights. The base model “N” is a unfaired “naked” bike with one


The Bandit series has always had the reputation of being a hooligan bike, because of its budget price, muscle bike looks simple and torque (This is mostly

for models 1200). With more recent revisions, however, cycling has taken a more rational and modern, taking more territory to Sports Tourer [1]. Despite

this, the 1200 remains popular with stunt riders, and is a bike of choice for various schools wheelie


The naked N GSF600 Bandit was published in February, available in red and green. It is based on the style of pre-existing GSF400 Bandit, resumed with an

engine of GSX600.
Suzuki Bandit 1996 N red
Suzuki Bandit 1996 N red


The faired Bandit S model was introduced, where the bikini half-fairing has its beginnings. Available colors are red, forest green and teal green.


Minor changes: A switch clutch (requiring the clutch to be derived start of the motorcycle, for security reasons) and heaters carburetor. The colors are red,

green and black.

The model N passenger said handholds. However, the S model was no change. Both are available in blue, black and brown.


Debut of nearly a damper rear, offering rebound and preload adjustment. The colors are blue, black and red.


The first major changes were made this year.

* New rear bodywork.
* Instrumentation fully electronic.
* New carburetors with position sensor.
* Fuel Filter.
* √Čtriers Nissin brake.
* 20 litres of fuel tank (19).
* Improving frame and steering geometry.
* Seat height lowered.
* S: New fairing modern style, with two lighthouses.

The colors are blue, black and red.


No significant change.

Bandit 650

Brazil 2007 Bandit 650S Carbureted
Brazil 2007 Bandit 650S Carbureted

The main changes this year.

* Adjustable Guidon (10mm) and seat height (20 mm)
* Engine rebored to 656cc (smooth power delivery)
* Half fairing redesigned with new “stacked” double headlights
* Framework closer
* Digital Display LCD backlit by LED replaces speed
* LCD displays a odometer, dual trip meter, fuel gauge and clock
* ABS is optional on this model (not in all countries, ie Brazil)

Generation current Bandit 650S
Generation current Bandit 650S

A brand new water-cooled engine has been designed specifically for the 2007 Bandit 650, unlike the earlier models that have used the engines re-worked from

other models. [1]

* Meets emission standards Euro3
* 656 cc displacement, inline-4-aluminum liquid-cooled engine
* Electronic Fuel Injection double butterfly system (similar to the Suzuki GSX-R and V-Strom)
* ABS available on faired “S” model
* Headquarters and the handlebar height is adjustable
* Suzuki PAIR (Pulsed AIR) exhaust air injection system
* Modified chassis and Swingarm
* Requested 85hp to 10,500 rpm (up 7)
* 12,500 RPM Redline
* 19-litre fuel tank (reservoir same as previous model, but roughly 1L is taken by the fuel pump)
* Lever hydraulic clutch

The 2007 Bandit 650 was considered by Bike Magazine as “incriminating” in relation to his brothers in the beginning, but a good bike for beginners. [2]

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