History of the Suzuki Bandit Motorcycle pt. 2
Bandit 750
The Bandit 750 is only a model that Japan used parts in both the 600 and 1200 models, the framework is the same cradle before the 600, the rear subframe was
identical to 1200 with the bolt on pillion footpeg hand, the clocks have Articles summer 1200 and bearing and suspension are the same as the 600. The moteur,
although visually identical to the 600, has a capacity of 748cc, while fuel were 600 articles and exhaust systems have been 1200. The power is claimed 85bhp
and strangely no handholds were mounted in the rear panels had no mounting holes, although the framework had mounted
Bandit 1200
Suzuki GSF1200P (police version)
Suzuki GSF1200P (police version)
The first Bandit 1200 models have generally been released in January 1996 with a repeated and expanded version of the engine presented in the GSX-R1100.
Other differences compared to the 600 cc models included a fuel gauge, increased specifications suspension and larger diameter front brake discs. In
addition, the Bandit 1200 featuring a hydraulic clutch. The colors are brown, green and black. There are a few examples of 1995 registered Bandits 1200. A
large number of Suzuki models have cast the engine size side of the cylinder block, 1200 Bandits (1157cc) did not, but there are examples of some 1156cc
throwing in the block. These bikes were 1995, apparently in the early production models.
No changes have been made, and available colors are brown, black and blue. A version of S Bandit with anti-lock braking was introduced for certain global
markets. In 1997, ABS (anti-skid braking) 1200 Bandit 114 used a chain link as opposed to the standard 110 chain link. Tsubaki Sigma 11000 psi tensile
channels are available pre-cut to this length.
No change. The colors are brown, black, green and silver.
No change. The colors are brown, black, green and brown also on the S model.
No change. The colors are brown, blue, black, green and titanium / gold.
The 1200 Bandits received a reorganization similar to that which the Bandits 600 the previous year:

* New rear bodywork.
* Instrumentation fully electronic.
* New carburettors.
* Suzuki Association (forced air injection), the supply of clean air the exhaust to help eliminate the unburnt fuel and emissions.
* Fuel Filter.
* Tokico brake calipers (six pistons in front).
* 20 litres of fuel tank (19).
* Improving frame and steering geometry.
* Seat height lowered.
* S: New fairing modern style, with two lighthouses.
The colors are blue, black, red and silver.
The 2004 models added a 2-way catalytic converter (for some markets) for the exhaust system, and minor modifications to the exhaust metals.
2006 (K6) models received a recast with a new tank, side panels, an adjustable seat height and a longer swing arm with a hexagonal section. The faired “S”
versions also have a new fairing and mirrors, completely redesigned flagship system and are available with ABS as an option.

Bandit 1250S

Like the model 650, the Bandit 1250S is a water-cooled engine designed specifically for the Bandit. The previous 1157 cc air-cooled engine oil does not meet
Euro 3 emissions regulations. [3] Although the new 1255 cc engine produces almost identical horse power and torque figures that the old air-cooled engine,
the big difference is the case in the RPM band maximum torque is produced. The 1255 cc engine produces its enormous torque (108Nm) at a low (3750) RPM. [4]
This power is sent to the transmission through a new six in 2007, the transmission speed constant mesh.

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