Intro to the Suzuki Bandit pt. 2
Today, Suzuki Bandit 1250S presents itself as the threat research machine that also has an elegant half fairing, with a line of headlamps, a windshield and
mirrors mounted fairing.

Test Drive
87. 2008 Suzuki Bandit 1250S
2008 Suzuki Bandit 1250S
For 2008, Suzuki charm clients with a solid, reliable, economic street race that promises to take him anywhere in style and comfort, as cycling is ideal for
travel and regular.
The Bandit 1250 comes with a superior liquid-cooled 1250 cc engine, powered by Suzuki double butterfly high-tech fuel injection. Combined with an impressive
handle the bike is a pleasure to drive both for highway cruising and riding every day in the city.
The amounts of power and torque of the powerful engine may be delivered with a punch meatier, combined with the transmission of fuel injection, it gives the
rider a real sense of gentleness, extraordinary ability, positions au – Above each list, you should. There is a huge increase in thrust, for a moment, and
very helpful and very little delivery, which means that cycling is like no other from the outset. Also, with a peak torque seated at 3500rpm, it is a
listening quite unique motorcycle.
Throttle response is linear and does not lurches and flattened in some places so it is very good, even idling law. EFI engine is extremely flexible, as you
can slowed to 2000rpm in sixth and power without a sniff at all.
On the previous Bandit I found myself often reach for another equipment that was not there. Since 2007, Suzuki fact that imaginary reality gear and I was
happy cruising on the highway 60 mph come to a very relaxed 3500rpm.
Being equipped with a six-speed transmission, the 1250 Bandit feels more capable and comfortable, which makes the rider feel more in control, and it actually
What I appreciate most of 2008 Bandit 1250 is the fact that this is a motorcycle very pleasant to drive while he kept the aggressive look and power at your
The new fairing does its job properly, protection against the wind is good on any type of road, inside or outside towing. Taller runners can join a
windshield post-but it was not my case as I fit well on the Bandit.

Driving Position is perfect for me and that is what has enabled the Bandit windshield to protect me as he did. I appreciate the saddle comfortable and how
the handlebars and footpegs are organized in order to obtain the best sense of comfort.
The brake and clutch levers are two five-position adjustable hydraulic clutch and complete the softness of the gearbox and throttle response. The brakes are
equally effective and provide great confidence to the rider.

I was completely surprised by the bandit performance, reliability and comfort even though I should admit that I am all these from the outset. So if the bike
was able to take my expectations a step forward, I suppose you have a pretty good idea what it is.
With an MSRP of $ 8299, the Suzuki Bandit 1250 is a bargain compared to what the market has to offer. Suzuki keep in mind that their success is partly due to
the low price tags attached to their machines effectively this one is no exception. It fulfills its mission successfully and sports ground cover to travel


Bandit series are all about sports and comfortable rides that are still ready to do everything to make the sport-touring. That is why the Bandit 1250 has
been created and it establishes itself as an icon of the great Bandidos. With the 2008 model year, we can through our eyes to the future and take a small
impression that Suzuki has to offer and I bet you know the rest.

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